Delaney Davis

"Music gives a soul to the universe and flight to the imagination" ~Plato

*Photo credits to: Eye and Eye Photography, Holland Dorn, Andrea Dante, O. Helene Kobelnyk, Blake Martin, and Tucker Davis*

"With elements of soul, jazz, folk, and blues this (album) has been complimented with a stunningly good recording and production centred by Delaney's beautifully expressive and breathy voice, percussive guitar playing and fine songs" - Brian Thomas, New Zealand Blogger 

"A must listen" - Aneill, fan

"Delaney's voice is just breathtaking....definitely a must see" - Amy Rivers, Writer/Blogger of Boulder, CO

"Her songwriting is fresh, with hypnotic percussion and imaginative melodies." - Blake Martin, Ruidoso News

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