Delaney Davis

"Music gives a soul to the universe and flight to the imagination" ~Plato

Photograph by Eye and Eye Photography

Artist Statement

Sound. Rhythm. Frequency. Each resonating vibration of steel strings against calloused fingertips; the uninhibited and inevitable vibrato of the voice to blend and dissolve with an underlying melody. This is where time stops and everything else ceases to exist. It is the rawest form of creation and connection. Within every paused breath, there is one, unreturnable moment that is a fight to become whole again; a split second for the lungs to fill with air and the mind to find peace. For me, this is a process of courageous attempt to solve the personal enigma I hold within myself.

I fall in love with music every day. The unfathomable ability it has to transform perspectives or heighten emotion in a matter of seconds is like nothing else I’ve experienced. Music is where I go to feel safe, and yet at the same time, nothing has ever made me feel so exposed and vulnerable. A single note, one song, can pull you from a moment and breathe you into a distant memory. It can bridge a connection between two people that would’ve otherwise been unfound, and unreachable. Music is a universal language that breaks all barriers. Even in silence it’s there. It is present in all life; the timbre of simply existing. Each day could be the greatest song ever written. All we have to do is let it in, and listen.


Over the course of almost a decade as a singer/songwriter, Delaney has evolved and developed her unique style, blending elements of soul, folk, blues, and jazz. Her beautifully expressive, breathy voice melds with her thoughtfully percussive guitar rhythms to create, what Blake Martin of the Ruidoso News referred to as, “imaginative melodies”.

With a constant hunger and love for new music to inspire her, Delaney was also titled an “old soul” at a young age and hence lists some of her greatest influences as Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison, Tracy Chapman, and Sade.


Born and raised in the mountains of the Southwest, the New Mexico native draws much of her inspiration from nature, which is evident in her earthy and organic lyrics.

She states, “It’s the small things that fascinate me; rain and thunder, the color change of leaves, the quiet solitude atop a mountain, the sound of a gentle breeze rolling through an aspen grove. Life’s mysteries are what excite and energize me the most because that’s where dreams and imagination come into play.”

Having always had a love for poetry and music as separate entities, the combination came naturally when Delaney began writing her own songs at the age of 16, one of which became her high school’s senior class song. Delaney barreled through the music scene via open mics, talent shows, songwriting competitions, etc. before she began booking her first gigs. She has since performed at a wide variety of venues including music and art festivals, private parties, weddings, fundraising events, local and online radio, as well as an international concert series in the Marshall Islands in 2013.


Delaney recorded her first studio album, Just a Dream, in 2013 with Garrett Hobson of Tularosa, New Mexico. All songs on the album are written, composed, and preformed by Delaney. This was a huge turning point and learning curve in her career to have quality digital recordings of her craft. In March of 2016 Delaney released her sophomore album, Into the Woods, recorded at Studio Productions of Tularosa. This album was born out of a slightly more collaborative effort. Among others it features two guest lead guitarists, one of which being the world-renowned flamenco guitarist, Ottmar Liebert. Into the Woods is a natural progression from Just a Dream where you can hear Delaney maturing as an artist and honing in on her style and direction in every small detail of the production. New Zealand blogger and fan, Brian Thomas, writes, “(Into the Woods) is as near perfect sound as you will get, this is what most other recordings should be compared to”.


Never straying from her vision to create an intimate, connective musical experience for her audiences, Delaney continues to challenge herself as an artist and performer who creates genuine music straight from the soul.


You can find Delaney’s music at any major online retailer including iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and even Pandora Radio.

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